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Northern Ireland Adventures

So we left Dublin yesterday and went to a few places on our way to Bollingtoy. The first place we went was Trim Castle. The tour was great nowever we were huddled together cause the wind blew through the castle and it was crazy cold! The next stop on our tour o fun was St Peters church. This churcn is huge and beautiful. Too bad i cant upload pics right?! But i can tell yall that there was a perserved head of some old dude whose name i cant remember in the church. Beyond that we made our way to Belfast. First we stopped at Queens College and looked at the sonic arts research center. This room is equipped for audio production, innovation and beyond. The floors move and there are speakers all around the room..including the ceiling and under the floor. After checking out that fun jazz we headed to the bar down the street to watch the Heineken Cup finals. For thise of u would dont know, its for rugby., aka the biggest sport here and the one with fanatic fans...okay so maybe all Irish sport fans are fanatics but oh well. This rugby match not only was a final but it was an all Irish final with Leinster defeating Ulster inthe end. After the game we rolled into Bollingtoy spent the night at one of the two pubs in town. Also u shoild know that this town is like one road and thats it. It is wonderful! As for today crossed a little rickity rope bridge that dropped 60 feet down to rocks...scary! After jumping around the cliffs we head to the giants causeway where we climbed around rocks and of course took amazing pictures that again u cant see...sorry. Finally we visited another castle, well this was the ruins. And yall should know that these castles are defense castles not the big huge one the queen currently lives in...so google irish defense castles to get the idea....well the only other thing i have done since that is this blog so enjoy and i will let u know what tonight bring another day....peace out girl scout

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3 Days Down in Dublin

So arrived in Dublin Tuesday morning and have been exploring the city for the past 3 days. We have hit up Grafton St and the Guinness brewery. Best part of today......the Dublin Zoo!! So much fun, the red panda and penguins were the best :-) Last night was a blast! Went to karaoke at Captain Americas then onto Doyles with some new friends. So excited to be meeting locals....the accent is amazing! So much much more I could say however typing this on my nook is not the easiest and I am off to Temple Bar to be social. Peace out and until next time <3

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packing! :-P

So I am nearly packed for this Ireland trip, btw I leave tomorrow!! It's so crazy that it is here so quickly. I am ready and yet not. I have odds and ends to do yet then tomorrow its all about the plane ride(s)! First we leave O'hare in Chicago and go to Philly before the long haul to Dublin.. all I can say for now is that I can't wait! :-) Next time I post I will probably be in Ireland!! (or an airport!)

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In Ireland in One Week!!

So I am in a Travel Study class at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. This is a class where throughout the semester we learn about the culture of a country and then at the end of the semester we get to travel there and experience the culture! By the title of this post you can guess that this year's travel study is going to Ireland! I am super excited for this, however I am not quite packed yet :-/
I will be updating this blog throughout the trip. We fly into Dublin and then for 3 weeks we travel around the country even going into Northern Ireland. I don't have much else to say right now but come back for more!!!

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